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Each entry below details one of Dara's novels.

Book cover 1.png
Space Pirates

Completed, currently seeking representation.

In the aftermath of mankind's first space war, the West is on the verge of collapse. Peace is tenuous thing. Those with power do as they wish, while the rest do as they must.  When astronaut Aran Aryanpour's ship is seized by captain Teymur Khan and his multinational crew of space mercenaries. Framed for a murder that could reignite conflict throughout the solar system, they find themselves stranded in the depths of space with no option but to plunder ships for survival. What follows is a deadly game of cat and mouse that pits an Iranian war criminal, a fugitive tai chi master, India's newest astronaut, and a monster from the planet Venus against the combined might of China, America, and the French Foreign Legion. Will they clear their names and find retribution, or will they go down in history as the first space pirates of Sol?

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Hamda and the Book of Beggars

Completed, currently seeking representation.

Centuries into the reign of the Serpent King Zahak of Persia, a young village boy named Hamda offers kindness to a young genie enslaved by her own father. When tragedy results, Hamda must leave his home and survive in a world of callous nobles, drunken sorcerers, and all manner of human and immortal monsters. From the slave markets of Samarqand, to the glittering court of the Serpent King himself, can kindness alone prevail?


Book cover 1.png
Space Pirates Volume Two:

Expected to be completed in 2024

The last thing space pirate and ex-spy Xu Aoran remembers is dying from a sword wound atop a Dubai Skyscraper. He's surprised to find himself alive and well and back in the employ of Chinese intelligence. His assignment: to run a high seas piracy operation and cripple the international space tether. WIth his estranged daughter's life in the balance, Xu sets out to get his old crew back together. WIll they see a way through, or will they go down in history as space pirates marooned on high seas?

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