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Masters of Damavand


An RPG  written by D.K. Ehtesham. Play as a hero in this world inspired by Persian mythology. Be a warrior or a peacemaker using the game's flexible character creation and progression system. Wield supernatural powers inherited from supernatural beings. Or coerce and bargain with these entities to lend you their power.

You can download the free starter edition or purchase the deluxe starter edition. In addition to all the rules players and game masters need to adventure in the world of Broken Persia, the deluxe starter edition comes with the following:

  • Secrets of Magic: Learn awesome special techniques to augment your elemental magics. Become an evil magician that can steal the faces of your victims.

  • Secrets of Technology: Gain the forbidden knowledge of repeating firearms and shock weapons to combat the forces of evil, or sell to the highest bidder. Combine magic and technology to bring about a new world.

  • Supernatural beings: An overview of the powers of devils, fairies, and other creatures from Persian mythology to use in your games.


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